SEC Red 1-2 Punches


Posted On: 12/5/17 8:50 AM

In boxing a 1-2 punch is two quick blows in rapid succession.  In high school basketball having a 1-2 punch is incredibly valuable.  While it’s always nice to have a star, it’s even better to have two players that can make big plays back-to-back.  In the SEC Red five teams have a 1-2 punch that can completely change the course of a game.



Brandon Wade (2018, G) and Jack Ammerman (2018, G)

It’d be tough to find a better backcourt in Michigan.  These two can both shoot the lights out and put up points in bunches.  It’s a bonus that they can both play defense.  Wade and Ammerman can turn a defensive stop and a turnover into a 9-0 run in a flash.


Avery Lewis (2018, F) and LJ DeWolf (2018, G)

Lewis is a do-it-all type player.  With his defense and rebounding and DeWolf’s perimeter scoring, a run seems almost inevitable.  Even better, the roles can be reversed.  DeWolf is a solid perimeter defender and Lewis can score from multiple levels.


Drew Lowder (2019, PG) and Kasean Pryor (2019, SF)

Can you get a better 1-2 punch than one of the top junior point guards in Michigan combined with a 6-7 small forward who can fill it from deep?  These two seem like a perfect fit and should benefit from each other greatly. Pryor’s size and scoring ability will be an assist factory for Lowder.  Both will open up the floor for the other and defenses will have to be extremely disciplined.


Emmett Turner (2018, F) and Griffin Yaklich (2020, G)

Turner is as physical and tough as a basketball player comes.  He gets points under the bucket by posting, driving, or from putbacks.  Combining that with Yaklich’s silky smooth game and outside shooting ability creates a solid 1-2 punch.


Zach Lewandowski (2018, F) and Dylan Blossom (2018, G)

These two are a great fit.  The young are both senior leaders and captains, but their skills are different.  Lewandowski is a physical presence and Blossom is a floor leader.  They can combine their talents in the course of a game and create a run.