Scout Notes: Prolific Prep vs. Memphis East

High School
Southern California

Posted On: 12/13/17 12:46 PM

East continues to play elite competition.  The Memphis East schedule has be among the best in the nation for all public high schools.  Instead of addressing the game directly this article will focus on the players and their individual development.

James Wiseman

James Wiseman (East) needs to add upper boy strength.  When he brought the ball down to power up smaller players whacked and jostled the ball loose.  It will come and rarely do teenage bigs his size have fully developed bodies.  Most importantly his footwork and hands are exceptional.  Still, upper body strength is an area to focus in the off-season.

Pitted against the high standard of excellence James set early this season he wasn’t really the same Saturday.

Memphis East is starting to perfect the high-low action.  This is always a clever set for teams with two quality bigs.  It clears out one big defender from the lane.  This can work either way.  Wiseman is the better mid-range shooter, but he could also be the low post recipient with a small wrinkle.

Alex Lomax

Alex Lomax was always strong and a natural leader.  Now he has added the critical quickness to his game.  Lomax was stronger than his peers early in his AAU/HS career.  Now he is finding the last piece to his athletic arsenal…the quickness.  Matching the quick feet to his quick basketball mind is frightening.

Lomax has a knack for being around the basketball.  The fact that most loose balls find his hands is not an accident.  He has a wonderful idea of where to position himself.  Also, Lomax overpowers most high school guards when they both get their paws on the rock.


Johnathan Lawson

There are not many Class of 2021 players in the nation better than freshman guard Lawson.  Completely staggering is the agility the young man has in his stringy body.  Most young men at this size are gangly and awkward.  He is not.

Johnathan elegantly moves around the floor.  It is difficult to forget how young the talented hooper is.  Imagining him thriving at a high-major program is simple.  Look for the fourth Lawson brother to dominate opponents the next three-plus years with Memphis East and then land with a power program like Kansas or Kentucky.

Malcolm Dandrige

Unlike Chandler Lawson and even Wiseman, Dandridge is a throwback big.  He has a powerful body, which ihe has carved rather well in the last two years.  Still, he is not as comfortable away from the basket as the Lawson’s.  The Class of 2019 product will land at a high major too, but his hands need to improve.  Wiseman’s magical touch sets a very high standard for fellow bigs, possibly an unrealistic standard.  While matching that will be virtually impossible for Dandridge his hands should improve.

Softer hands will be a key goal.  Also, Dandridge needs to lean on his power more.  Many of East’s players deceive with quickness and evasion.  Dandridge thrives with power and strength.  When he figures out how dominant he can be with those attributes his game will really soar.