Saline @ Hartland: 5 Takeaways


Posted On: 12/13/17 8:37 AM

Saline traveled to Hartland Tuesday evening for a non conference showdown.  Hartland came out firing, hitting 4 three pointers (3 by Brandon Harrison).  The barrage of triples gave them an early 12-4 lead.  Griffin Yaklich and Emmett Turner sparked a late first quarter surge to cut Hartland’s lead to 12-10 after the 1st period.  In the 2nd quarter Saline closed out on shooters and made it tough for Hartland to find good looks from three.  Griffin Yaklich scored or assisted on 12 of Saline’s 15 2nd quarter points to give the Hornets a 25-20 halftime lead.  Hartland made halftime adjustments on the offensive end and put Brandon Harrison at the free throw line to break down the defense.  At the end of the 3rd quarter Saline led 38-35.  In the 4th quarter Saline protected their lead by putting the ball in Yaklich’s hands.  He hit floaters and free throws while Connor Terech held off Johnathan Jackson and Evan Metz’s late surge.  A last second three point heave by Hartland was off, and Saline notched a 45-42 win.


Brandon Harrison (2018, 6-5, Forward, Hartland) is a really good player.

First of all, Harrison loves the corner three and he can hit it.  He’s a strong player physically which allows him to play solid defense from the post to the three point line.  Harrison was versatile offensively as well.   He played on the wing, in the paint, and on the high post.

2) Hartland’s offense reminded me of a typical John Beilein offense at the University of Michigan.

Hartland moved the ball well which created good looks from three point range.  Just like at UofM, it looked like 4 of the 5 players on the floor had a green light from deep.  The three point shot them kept Hartland in the game until the buzzer.

3) Griffin Yaklich (2020, G, 6-3, Saline) is a top 20 player in the sophomore class in Michigan.

Yes, you read that right.  The kid is smooth, can create his own looks at the basket, and hits pinpoint passes.  He is a VERY mature player as a sophomore.

4) Hartland needs Evan Metz healthy.

Metz hurt his ankle during football season and still isn’t 100%.  He can create looks one-on-one, but needs his ankle to heal so he can do this to his best ability.  Hartland will be a better team when he’s fully healthy.

5) Saline is one of the best teams in southeastern Michigan defensively.

Every single kid on the roster can, and is expected to, play defense.  They are all ball hawks and make good looks at the basket difficult to find.