Recruits West of Asheville

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/14/17 3:36 PM

The talent in Western North Carolina is at a all time high. And if you travel just west of Asheville into the small towns of the great Smoky Mountains you will find the talent level does not drop off.

Over in the small town of Rosman there is the Deland Thomas, a 2018 shooting guard who has been putting up high numbers all season. He started the season out with a bang scored 43 points in one of the first games of the season followed by 39.  

In Avery County is UNC Asheville recruit Deacon Heath who just passed the 1000 career points total mark. Avery county high school is also produced Tom Burleson, a former NC State stand out an NBA player Along with Georgia Tech football’s head coach Paul Johnson.

Over in Hayesville is Western Carolina University recruit Josh Cottrell who is averaging nearly 25 points per game. Cottrell’s grandfather was a coach at Western Carolina back in the early 1990s. His brother is a sophomore at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Haysville want to state title back in the early 2000’s being one of the first schools from WNC to win a state title at the 1-A level.

These small towns in western North Carolina are predominantly football towns, But basketball starting to make it move.

Over in Burnsville, North Carolina, Mountain Heritage High School is home to 2020 guard Callin Randolph one of the top shooters in the state, it Is also home to 2020 6-foot-8 Justus Shelton who is mother is the women’s coach and played in the WNBA. The other cougar is Lucas Jenkins is 6 foot two shooting guard who has an offer for Mars Hill University.

In the Northwest part of Buncombe County is 2019 wing Ren Dyer who has been putting up games of double-digit points and rebounds over at North Buncombe High School.