Posted On: 12/15/17 12:00 PM

St. Viator 2018 Peter Lambesis is a 6’2” shooting guard that might be one of the most versatile players in his class.  Big fan of how he does a little bit of everything and makes a huge impact on the game.  Offensively as a scorer he shoots it well pulling up off the bounce with a sweet lefty shot.  Can take it to the cup on occasion with a slash, but finishes best at the rim in transition.  Sneaky strength allows him to finish through bodies at the rim.  Excellent passer for a wing!  High basketball IQ and feel for the game putting teammates in the perfect spot to score.  Plus defender that gets after it on that end with his toughness and athleticism.  Lambesis is a priority D3/NAIA prospect and might be even worth a look by D2 schools.

The senior spoke about his early season play.

“I think I am playing well.  I am trying to do everything.  Little bit of scoring, rebounding, assisting.  Taking on a bigger leadership role this season being one of the seniors.  I have been enjoying that.”

What does he bring to the table as a player?

“Last year I was kind of a shooter, but I have worked on my athleticism.  I am more of an attacker now.  I can bring the ball up in AAU and can play the point and the two.  I take pride in playing defense and take pride in guarding one of the best guys on the other team.  I try to do what I can out there to impact the game.”

Lambesis ran with Fundamental U on the circuit.

“We started off slow, but then started playing better toward the end of the year.  Playing with Gabe and Gavin really helped.  We were a good combination and we finished off the year strong.”

Where do things stand with recruiting?

“I have heard from some D2 and D3 schools.  I have done visits at University of Chicago, Augustana, St. Norbert, and I am going to visit Illinois Wesleyan.  Also have visited D2 Bemidji State.”

He broke down what stands out about each.

“I really like University of Chicago because of the education they can offer.  St. Norbert is where my dad went so I have a strong connection there.  Augustana is the #1 D3 in the nation so that is a big deal.  Bemidji State is cool because it is D2.”

What will be important in a school for him?

“Definitely fit because I want to get there and fit in with the guys on the team.  Be able to contribute early.  I want to get a good education because the ball will stop bouncing eventually.”