Posted On: 12/14/17 12:00 PM

One of the state’s top point guards, McPherson 2018 Mason Alexander is putting together a strong senior season and has seen his recruiting heat up in the process.

A self-described fan of John Stockton and Steph Curry, Alexander says he feels his game is a mixture of both. A left hander, Alexander can knock down 3-pointers as well as handle the ball and run the point.

“I love how tough Stockton was and how he was a great leader and passer,” he said. “I compare my skills to Curry because he has elite ball handling and he’s a shot maker.

“I like to watch Steph Curry the most because there is always something to learn from him. He effects the game in so many ways even when he isn’t scoring. That’s what I try to take from his game, is that you can be a threat on the court even when you aren’t scoring.”

After a strong summer Kansas Pray N Play, Alexander saw his game grow and entered his senior season with tremendous confidence.

“This summer was great for me,” he said. “I grew more as a true point guard instead of just a shooting point. I got to run the show and get all my teammates involved.”

McPherson is establishing itself this season as one of the state’s top teams and are off to a 3-1 start with a hard-fought loss to Bishop Miege.

“That (loss to Miege) was an incredible game and we can’t wait until we get the chance to play them again in March,” Alexander said.

In the meantime, Alexander says he is continuing to work on various aspects of his game, including the mid-range.

“I’m always working on every aspect of my game,” he said. :But lately I’m been focusing on creating my own shot more than I usually do. Anyone can make an open shot, but not everyone can get their own. Also my mid range game. I think mid range is the most forgotten about skill that players don’t work on much anymore.”