Posted On: 12/5/17 2:42 PM

Red Lake basketball has been to state the last four seasons. To keep the streak alive senior guard Kendall Whitefeather needs to have a big year and he is ready for it.

“I played in a lot of tournaments with my former senior teammates and did some lifting for myself,” Whitefeather said about his off-season. “I learned that it takes a lot to be a captain to such a young team. I also worked on my jump shot and my conditioning.”

Jamie Cook and Rob McClain were 20 point per game scorers and guys that shouldered a lot of the load across the board. Whitefeather was the third option and a double figure scorer.

“My junior year was great I had some home problems at times but still manage to stick to playing,” Kendall explained. “Also, making it to state for the fourth year in a row was great and I feel like I only got egged from my sophomore year.”

Kendall earned himself all league recognition but now knows he has to produce and be a leader for Red Lake basketball.

“My main focus for me was to be helping out the younger players who were coming up and mostly trying to get used to the new coach and my teammates,” Kendall said.

“I focused on the new things I knew I’d have to learn. Most importantly being a role model for the whole Varsity team because I am the most experienced player on the team. I’ve been on Varsity since my freshman year so I knew it would be hard losing lots of players and a couple of coaching staff.”

Does the team have what it takes to make a fifth straight state tournament? Kendall thinks they do but the team will be young and needs to learn as they go.

“We are very young and have lots of young boys who need to learn the program,” Whitefeather explained. “Our expectations is and will always be the same from the past 4 to 5 years just expect to outrun every team play team basketball. It will and we will always have positive and high expectations.”

Expectations at Red Lake have been high and they will remain high for this season. Kendall has big goals for himself and for his team this winter.

“I expect us to win tournaments when we have them, I expect the team to not have low attitude if we are losing and when we lose. I for sure don’t want to ruin the streak of going to state. I want to finish the crown we got with the last piece of it for my senior year. I would also like to drop my 1,000 points.”

Whitefeather has had one program reach out about playing at the next level so far.

“I have gotten a Northland College letter that’s located in Wisconsin for me to go play ball and they’d like for me to go check out their program,” Kendall told Prep Hoops. “Other then that no other colleges have contacted me.”