Recruiting Report: Jharon Whitfield (2018)

High School

Posted On: 12/21/17 12:52 PM

Madison Prep is looking to make history this season and win its fourth straight state title, 6-foot guard Jharon Whitfield is looking to help lead the charge

The talented sharpshooter was injured during the playoffs last season, but played through it, not knowing the severity of it. He ended up having surgery a month later in April, missing his 17U season as result.

He was cleared to play early in this season, and ready to show why he’s a D1 prospect.

“ULL, UAB, LA Tech are showing interest, that’s about it right now,” said Whitfield.

He says Lafayette is the school coming after him the most, they visited him at his house this past summer.

“My goal is to go out and have a good night every night, because you never know who’s watching in the stands; and hopefully pick up some offers.”

A sharpshooter with a knack for setting his teammates up for success, Whitfield defined his skill-set to PHLA.

“Just coming in and knocking down shots, I’m  a pure shooter. And I’ll have the ball in my hands sometimes when someone needs to go to the bench or gets hurt, so basically I’m a one and a two,” said Whitfield.

“But my main strength is just being a knock-down (shooter), I look to shoot the ball. But if I don’t have a shot, I’ll find an open teammate and give him an opportunity to shoot.

Now, well into his final season with Madison Prep, he’s hoping to help lead them to help to a fourth straight state title. He’ll have D1 prospects Kobe Julien (Lafayette) and Josh LeBlanc (Georgetown) to help him.

“Practicing with Josh and Kobe is like practicing with (Michael) Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Josh had been a big part of these last championships, and Kobe has really picked it up a lot, too. Practices are really competitive every day, on both sides of the ball,“ said Whitfield.  

“We’ve played some good competition and we started 4-0. My role is to be a knockdown shooter and hit open 3s, they set plays up for me. We’re just trying to win another state championship, and make history.”