Posted On: 12/23/17 5:00 AM

Currently checking in as Kansas’ 58th-ranked 2018,  5-foot-11 guard Dasani Giardina is possibly one of the state’s more underrated prospects

He’s seeing some interest come in from Division I and Division II  programs, but says a year of prep school is a very real possibility for him.

“UC-Irvine and University of Jacksonville are the two big ones that are showing interest, and then Central Missouri. They’re just calling, texting, emails,” said Giardina.

And it’s Wichita Next Level that he says might be an option, too.

“I know a couple dudes over there that coach, and they were talking about they might offer me, so I might go do that,” said Giardina.

“I could use that year to bulk up a little bit and add a little weight to my body, so I can hang better at the Division I level.”

A pure scorer with some nice length, Giardina explained to PHKS exactly what it is he brings to the court.

“It’s easy for me to score in a lot of ways, and that’s basically what my team needs me to do is score. But I’m also very good on defense, very quick hands, and I’m long so it’s easy for me to deflect balls and get into passing lanes,” he said.

“I just need to get better with my IQ, like backdoor cutters against me on defense, and just work on my awareness more.”

Giardina’s Highland Park squad started the season 3-2, and he’s averaging up over 20 points per game, which was a goal of his.

“I just have more of a leadership role this year, and I make sure the guys under me know what to expect. We’ve played some pretty tough teams to start the season, so that was a good experience for us,” he said.

“I want to win a state championship, just get one for my team.”

As for his recruitment; Giardina is just looking for the right fit.

“I’m just looking for the right offer that fits me and that’s fits my interests,” said Garidina. ”Somewhere that will put me in the right spot to be where I want to be.”