Recruiting Report: Cade Daugherty (2018)

High School

Posted On: 12/12/17 10:50 AM

A two-sport star from Bellevue, 6-foot guard Cade Daugherty is off to a red-hot start this season for the Comets, and should be seeing some additional college attention come his way soon.

Right now, he’s seeing some small school interest come in from in-state programs, and if that doesn’t change soon, it’s football that he may pursue at the next level.

“Central has been in contact with me recently, and Dubuque is riding me pretty hard right now. Really, nothing else has come around lately for basketball, besides those two,” said Daugherty.

The multi-sport athlete spent his fall shredding defenses as the quarterback of the football team. He threw for 2,237 yards, ninth-best in Iowa, and 25 touchdowns. He scrambled for 285 yards, and three touchdowns.

“I’m thinking about maybe football, too (in college). I have a buddy who plays at Upper Iowa, and he said they’re kind of interested in me,” said Daugherty.  

“UNI has been in contact for football, I went to a camp up there this summer. Dubuque has been in contact with me for football, too.”

As for his development of the hardwood, Daugherty has proven he’s one of the state’s best 2018 guards, and through seven games this season, he’s averaging 23 points per game on 56 percent shooting.

“I’ve been working on my dribbling, with my high school team I’ve been bringing the ball up the floor sometimes. And I’ve been trying to get stronger so I can grab more rebounds,” said Daugherty. “Also, I’ve been working to improve my mid-range jump-shot. Those are the main things I’ve been working on.”

He added: “I have the same role as last year with Bellevue, and that’s to be a leader and show the underclassmen what to do. This year, I’ll have to score a lot more because we don’t have a lot of scorers on our team.”

As for recruitment, he’s keeping his options open. He likes basketball better, but he’ll take whatever his best option is.

“Right now, I like basketball a little more than football. But I’m going to keep my options open because I never know when a really good option might come around the corner for me,” said Daugherty.

“I really like both sports, but if I had to choose one, it’d be basketball.”