Posted On: 12/25/17 6:00 AM

2020 6’0 point guard Anthony Hunter is one of the Toughest young guards in the city of Las Vegas. This young player is constantly making progress every time I see him play. He has great ball skills, and his basketball IQ is very good. He’s a Shifty and quick Point guard that can get his teammates involved. Creating and penetrating Lanes is one of his specialties. He’s very alert once he gets inside the lane. He has the ability to drop off passes that most players his age would hesitate to do!

Confidence is one thing he’s not missing. The young PG plays with a chip on his shoulder, 8 games into his high school season Mr. Hunter is averaging 22.0 point pre game, and 5.3 assist pre game. Responsibility and Leadership has been placed in his hands. His AAU program the Las Vegas Knicks U16 team plays on the Adidas silver circuit. This is where Anthony Hunter started to make a name for himself. He was quickly moved up to the U17 team for more experience.

Had an opportunity to speak with the young PG some time ago. “Being a vocal leader is very important, and bring energy from Once the ball is tip, to the end of the game. I must become a lot better off the pick-and-roll, and shooting off the dribble.”

5 Strengths To His Game:

  1. Ball skills
  2. Quick and Elusive
  3. Decision Making
  4. Good on Ball Defensive Skills
  5. Penetrating the Lanes

Recruiting is starting to pick up Long Beach State, and Tulane University or just a few that is on his Trail.