Posted On: 12/26/17 9:11 AM

Jalen Young is a critical piece of a young and talented Cornerstone High School team.  He’s a 6-3 junior small forward and a rising prospect in Michigan and a player we should all keep an eye on.  He’s athletic, with a good mid range game and can step up on the defensive end. I recently caught up with him for a question and answer session:

Question:  What one word describes you best?

Jalen Young:  Monster.

Question:  What is your favorite NBA team?

Jalen Young:  Cavs.

Question:  You play with energy. Is there something or someone that drives you?

Jalen Young:  My grandmother

Question:  What do you see yourself doing after basketball?

Jalen Young:  Coaching basketball or being a sports analyst.

Question:  Who is your favorite NBA player?

Jalen Young:  Kevin Durant.

Question:  What is your form of social media?

Jalen Young:  I would prefer Snapchat.

Question:  What class do you enjoy most?

Jalen Young:  English.

Question:   If you could choose 1 food, what would it be?

Jalen Young:  BBQ chicken wings.

Question:  What other things do you enjoy besides basketball?

Jalen Young:  Spending time with friends and family.

Question:  Do you have a hero? If you do, who is it and why?

Jalen Young:  My Hero’s are my parents.  Their struggles are part of what made me today.