Question & Answer: Dante Holliday (2018)

High School

Posted On: 12/28/17 3:00 PM

Senior basketball players have embarked on their final season of high school basketball.  Some of these seniors have a college basketball future on their minds.  Dante Holliday is one of those talented players.  He is a 6-1 shooting guard at John F.  Kennedy High School.  Let’s get to know Dante Holliday:

Question:  What one word describes you best?

Dante Holliday:  Determination describes me the best.

Question:  What is your favorite NBA team?

Dante Holliday:  Celtics.

Question:  Is there something or someone that drives you?

Dante Holliday:  My family drives me to be great and work hard on my craft.

Question:  What do you see yourself doing after basketball?

Dante Holliday:  I see myself going to college for basketball but in the future becoming a family man or a business owner.

Question:  Who is your favorite NBA player?

Dante Holliday:  I don’t have a favorite NBA player.

Question:  What class do you enjoy most?

Dante Holliday:  I enjoy Earth Science the most.

Question:  If you could choose 1 food, what would it be?

Dante Holliday:  Mac n cheese.

Question:  What other things do you enjoy besides basketball?

Dante Holliday:  Oher than basketball I enjoy being around my family.

Question:  Do you have a hero? If you do, who is it and why?

Dante Holliday:  I don’t have a hero.