Q&A with Myles Dalton (2018)

High School

Posted On: 12/29/17 10:19 PM

Myles Dalton is one of the most underrated players in the Metro-Detroit area. The athletic guard is having a breakout senior season, averaging 16 PPG through his first four games including an impressive 25-point performance in a 2-point loss against a loaded Old Redford team. We recently hit him up to ask him some questions.

Question: What are the biggest strengths of your game?

Myles Dalton: My athleticism is probably by far my strongest trait, but my offensive game is very versatile. I can shoot, drive, pass, and if my shot isn’t falling, I can still make an impact on the defensive end.

Question: What do you need to improve on to take your game to the next level?

Myles Dalton: My IQ.

Question: What sets you apart from your competitors?

Myles Dalton: My competitive drive. When I step onto the court, I am always trying to kill my opponent.

Question: What is your mindset like as you continue your final season of high school basketball?

Myles Dalton: Kill mode. Win games and do my job. I’ve got to prove myself as an individual and as a team player to advance my game to the next level.

Question: Out of your remaining 16 regular season games, which one are you looking forward to most?

Myles Dalton: Probably Lakeland or Milford because they are the favorites to win the league this year so we’ve got a statement to make.

Question: Have you been recruited by any colleges yet?

Myles Dalton: Davenport and Northwood are both planning on coming to a few games.

Question: What is your favorite class in school?

Myles Dalton: My favorite class this year is psychology, but overall it has been AP Biology.

Question: What do you plan on majoring in?

Myles Dalton: I plan on majoring in Pre Veterinary or Sports Psychology.

Question: What is a short term goal you have?

Myles Dalton: A short term goal I have is going to college for free.

Question: What is a long term goal you have?

Myles Dalton: A long term goal I have is playing basketball overseas.

Question: Which college or NBA player do you consider your game to be most similar to? Why?

Myles Dalton: My games is probably most similar to Damian Lillard’s because we can both shoot and drive. We are also both slept on, but we always end up on top.