Prospect Spotlight: Ryan Hall (2019)

High School

Posted On: 12/8/17 8:07 AM

In the season opener against Bellefontaine, 6’4” guard Ryan Hall (2019) scored 23 points, grabbed eight rebounds, and had four steals for Kettering Fairmont. This is coming off of a season where Hall averaged less than one point per game. So, what has changed?

“I’m just more hungry than I was last year … I think my best traits, if I had to give you three, would be defense, attacking on fastbreaks and in half-court, and just being aggressive,” Hall said.

The good news for Fairmont is that Hall isn’t completely in the basketball flow yet, as football just ended.

“The first couple weeks are going to be slower for me, so they’ve been keeping my role simple. Just exploiting the things I need to do. But as the season goes on, I think I’ll take on a larger role,” Hall said.

Hall was First Team All Conference as a defensive back last season, even gaining traction as a Division I prospect. He told us that Ball State is the most recent football program to reach out to him.

In regards to which sport Hall prefers, he told us, “It’s honestly whatever sport I’m playing. You could ask me a month ago, I would have told you football. Right now, I’ll tell you basketball.”

Along that same thought, Hall said he doesn’t know which sport he’ll pursue at the college level, because his mind changes seasonally. Regardless of sport, Hall wants to find the right fit.

“It would kind of be, first, the atmosphere I’m in and how the team is as a culture,” Hall said.

Although recruitment will surely come if Hall continues his pace from the season opener, Hall hasn’t experienced any college interest from basketball programs.

The 3.0 student-athlete tells us he’s supposed to grow to be 6’5”-6’6”. His athleticism as a slasher, defender, and rebounder, are what separates him from other combo guards right now. In the grassroots season with the Dayton Nets, he consistently blew by defenders in the half-court and used his bounce to finish above forwards.

Going forward, Hall told us he needs to tighten up his handle and jumper. College scouts can see Hall in action tonight against a Division I backcourt, as Fairmont plays at Dayton Wayne. Check out their remaining schedule here.