Prospect Spotlight: Romero Otero (2018)

High School

Posted On: 12/14/17 12:53 PM

Typically, shooting guards are taller than point guards. Height at the position varies; many bigger shooting guards also play small forward. Shooting guards should be good ball handlers and be able to pass reasonably well, though passing is not their main priority. Since good shooting guards may attract double-teams, they are frequently the team’s back-up ball handlers to the point guard and typically get a fair number of assists.

Shooting guards must be able to score in various ways, especially late in a close game when defenses are tighter. They need to have a good free throw percentage too, to be reliable in close games and to discourage opposing players from fouling. Because of the high level of offensive skills shooting guards need, they are often a team’s primary scoring option, and sometimes the offense is built around them.

Class of 2018 Romero Otero of the Renton High School Indians is a sleeper prospect, coming out of Renton High School. The combo guard has developed a more confident handle, along with his jump shot. Otero has been training with a couple different trainers this summer, focusing a lot on being a more dominant player.

Otero is a solid point guard, who plays under control and makes the right decisions, using his high basketball IQ. He has a solid jumpshot, but wants to improve his consistency.

“Right now I’m working on becoming a stronger player. I want to become more confident in my game, so I’m working a lot on my handles and jumper” said Romero.

Being an high energy guy, who plays with a lot of passion. Romero wants to improve his leadership skills on the floor. He does all the little things every team needs to win games.

Standing 6’0 Otero has the skills to play inside and out on the wing. He rebounds at a high level and has the ability to push the break and advance the ball. His ball handling skills continue to improve, along with his confidence in his jump shot.