Prospect Spotlight: Marquan Cannon (2019)

High School

Posted On: 12/14/17 1:09 PM

Marquan Cannon is a 5’6 point guard from River Ridge High School located in Lacey, Washington.

Marquan has had a good sophomore campaign and has carried that aggressive play into the spring/summer showing off his feisty defense and under rated scoring ability. He has stepped his game up and is starting to show how high his ceiling can be. Marquan is currently playing for COB (Community of Basketball). With a roster full of young talent, Marquan has taken the reigns as the leader and captain of the team. At 5’6, you think of a small guard who would struggle amongst the trees of this game; however, he has shown that he is a capable finisher at the rim. He quickly gets the “small feisty defender” label that many guards his size are stuck with. They see his baby face and think that he wont go at you. He counteracts that with a kill or be killed mentality on the floor, which serves him well.

Using his smooth jumper and crafty finishing abilities, the 2019 guard has become a star in his role for the Hawks. Marquan will be vital for COB this upcoming season as they continue to compete against some of the best talent Washington has to offer. Though he has not received much attention from college coaches yet. He has played well enough so far this summer to put himself on the map.

Marquan projects to be a potential NAIA level point guard. As a starter or sixth man, he has what it take to run a team and can score tough baskets when needed.

My first encounter with the 5’6 guard was an interview held at the River Ridge Summer League Practice and my first impression of this kid is he’s shy but has a very high basketball IQ. He spoke more about his ability to make others around him better than his ability to score. You have to respect that about a kid, especially in this day age with so many “shoot first” point guards.

I asked him if we spoke to one of your coaches what would they say about you.

“I’ve been working hard to be a good student in the classroom, improving my grades year by year. My coach would tell you my work ethic and my passion for my future are my strongest traits. When I am at my best, it is because I am a pest on the defensive end. I have a high motor and can beat a full court press with my speed and agility”

Community of Basketball is good program and over the years, they have grown to host some of the best talent in the area. How has tournament play been going and how have you been performing?

“Overall my experience has been good. My COB family have played an important part in my overall growth. We have been playing in many tournaments in Seattle, though we have not been closing out games and getting a win. We are improving and getting better. In my last tournament, a coach from Florida took notice. I would say that was one of my best games because I was distributing and attack the basket looking to create.”

What are some parts of your game this off-season you would like to work on?

“My 3-point shot has to get better. If I want to be successful at the next level, I have to become a better shooter off the dribble and off the catch. I also need to be a consistent finisher with my off hand. Many good defenders will take away half the court and force you to your weak side. When I step on the court I don’t want there to be any weaknesses.”