Prospect Spotlight: Jerrod Franklin (2020)


Posted On: 12/1/17 4:50 PM

Jerrod Franklin – Curtis – 6’4 Power Forward

The power forward (PF), also known as the four, is one of the five positions in a regulation basketball  game. It has also been referred to as the “post” position. Power forwards play a role similar to that of center in what is called the “post” or “low blocks”. They typically play offensively with their backs towards the basket and position themselves defensively under the basket in a zone defense or against the opposing power forward in man to man defense.

The power forward position entails a variety of responsibilities, one of which is rebounding. Many power forwards are noted for their mid-range jump shot, and several players have become very accurate from 12 to 18 feet (3.7 to 5.5 m). Earlier, these skills were more typically exhibited in the European style of play. Some power forwards, known as stretch fours, have since extended their shooting range to three-point field goals.

Jerrod Franklin A versatile big man at 6’4″, Jerrod Franklin is a high school version of Draymond Green. Franklin can stretch the floor and make threes but one of his biggest strengths is his leadership and basketball IQ. A very skilled combo forward who has excellent size and showcased a versatile set of talents, such as shooting, passing and ball handling.

He is long and covered a lot of ground on the drive, plus he showed the ability to finish around the rim. He is a very good 3-point shooter off the catch, which also sets up his ability to put the ball on the floor.