Prospect Spotlight: JD Stout (2020)

High School

Posted On: 12/15/17 5:00 AM

Keota has had a string of standout players of late, and 6-foot-1 combo guard JD Stout is in line to be the next. The talented sophomore is off to a blistering start this season, and is a big reason why the Eagles have started 5-1.  “I consider myself as a pretty good shooter, I can take the ball to the hoop, but tend to settle sometimes for a 3-point shot. And we’ve got some excellent shooters on our team, so I like to get them the ball,” said Stout. Just a sophomore, Stout is already one of the state’s best small school scorers, he averaging 25.3 points per game through the Eagles’ first six. “We lost a lot of seniors last year, and I got in a little bit as a freshman. But I knew I’d have to step it up this season, and become more of a threat,” said Stout. “A personal goal of mine is to score at least 20 points every game, and get a few assists and some defensive steals as well.” Still with two full years left to develop his game, Stout says staying under control and reducing his turnovers are goals if his. “Being able to control the tempo of the floor is something I need to improve. Sometimes, I get a little out of control, and have some sloppy turnovers. If I can just limit those turnovers, I’d be more of a threat on the floor.” As for recruitment, he’s a bit young for that, and Stout also is a baseball, football and track participant. But basketball is his number one. “Basketball is definitely my dominant sport,” said Stout. “But I just like to stay busy.”