Posted On: 12/4/17 2:17 PM

Michigan’s Class of 2021 is talented to say the least. There are kids with an array of skills and talents that fans in the state should be excited to watch over the next four years.  Jaylen Davison is a freshman that fans and coaches should definitely keep their eyes on.


Jaylen Davison is a freshman guard at Churchill High School.  At 6-2, he is tall and athletic.  Davison likes to attack the lane and that is very conducive to his strengths.  He has a very strong mid range game.  He likes to attack the defender, create space, and then pull up for a jumper.  Davison also has a nice floater that he can get off and hit on the drive.  As a 6-2 freshman guard, the floater is a weapon on smaller defenders, but he is effective getting it over bigger defenders as well.  Davison is active in the weight room so he can get stronger and more athletic.


Jaylen Davison hopes to lead Churchill to a conference championship this season.  He’s an intelligent kid who is devoted to being the best player he can be, so he will be a huge bonus to the Churchill squad.  To prepare for this season, Davison has worked on his playmaking, ball handling, jumper, and in game moves.  “I wanna lead my team to a conference chip and I will do whatever it takes,” he said.


As a freshman, Jaylen Davison has an understanding that he needs to have skills to offer a school at the next level.  His playmaking ability and his jump shot will continue to be weapons as his game develops.  A college coach will be able to count on Davison being able to shoot off the pass or the dribble, and being able to create his own look at the rim.  It will be interesting to watch Davison’s recruiting pick up as his high school career goes on.


“My greatest motivation is just making my parents proud and not letting them down.” – Jaylen Davison