Prospect Spotlight: Jaden Locke (2018)

High School

Posted On: 12/14/17 1:12 PM

Jaden Locke is a 6 foot 1 combo guard from Renton High School. Good frame and athletic build. Nice strength. Like the physical tools with this 2018 wing. He has potential to be a plus defender if he wants to lock in on that end of the floor. Solid ball handler that attacks in transition. Streaky shooter that far too often settles for jump shots from three when he doesn’t shoot it at that high of a rate.

How was his junior season?

“We started off slow. We had a bunch of young guys. We needed to keep getting better every day. At the end of the season we executed better.”

Where did he feel he grew the most as a player?

“I had to improve on scoring because last year I wasn’t that good at shooting so I had to get in the gym every day to practice my shot because I knew playing against the older guys I wouldn’t be able to get in the lane as easy.”

He discussed Summer league so far and how he has been performing on the court.

“Coming out I didn’t think we would be getting ranked like this, but we have been playing really good as a team. I think I am playing decent. I could be playing better, but as long as we keep winning I will try to get better.”

What is going on with recruiting?

“Recruitment for me hasn’t really picked up just yet. I’ve had a couple of coaches approach me with some really good pointers on how I can improve and a couple of JUCO schools reach out to my coach with some interest.”

This young man had the tools and work ethic to be a good D3-NAIA recruit. Coaches should start to take notice this summer.