Prospect Spotlight: Frankie Collins


Posted On: 12/21/17 2:00 AM

Clark High School is somewhat in a groove right now. They're one of the hottest programs in the city of Las Vegas. It seems like Talent is just falling in their laps. When programs are winning sometime players can become Miss complacent and lose focus, that's not the case with the Clark Chargers and their players. 2021 6'0" PG Frankie Collins is in a very unique situation. He has an opportunity to back up veteran guards that are composed + mature. He's a freshman that is given an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a leader. Last night against Pasadena, CA he played a lot of minutes due to foul trouble from there starting point guard. He came in and ran the team like a veteran. This young man played with patience, and took shots when they were open. He knocked down two big 3's to give Clark some breathing room. [caption id="attachment_275909" align="alignleft" width="283"] 6'0" PG Frankie Collins Unit 1 Hoop Source Photo[/caption] There are a lot of good players in the class of 2021 in Las Vegas. Frankie believe that he has something to prove. Some of his strong attributes are: 1. His ability to handle the ball 2 Getting in the lane 3. Knocking down open jump shots 4. Play under control 5 Count Vision He is becoming a significant part to an engine that is well oiled. Young fella is just a ball player that's learning very important lessons for the future. Often times we focus on players offensive skill set, and forget that there is another side to the game. Defense and intensity is a part of the game that most people don't focus on. This young man has all of those attributes. So as he grows, he will become even a better Defender. We will continue to track this young man's progress over the next 3 years. I will leave the readers with this, keep an eye on this young man. He will come out of the class of 2021 as one of the best point guards in the city of Las Vegas.