Prospect Spotlight: Damani Green (2020)


Posted On: 12/1/17 4:53 PM

Damani Green – Lakes

Green has been up and down this season but has put together some strong performances. He is showing signs of improvement, with glimpses of his scoring ability, He’s a good facilitator, setting his teammates up for better positions to score.

Damani is an explosive athlete that is very good in transition when he has a full head of steam. He is an elite on ball defender and causes major havoc on opposing guards. Green is an solid three point shooter but he still needs to improve that aspect.

The lead guard is a solid ball handler that is slippery with the rock in his hands.  Can dish it with some flare.  Where he excels is shooting the ball.  He is money off the catch once he gets in a flow. Green drilled huge threes to try to keep his team in the game. He is slated to be a Small college prospect right now but can definitely work his way up due to his age.

“I’m a shooter and a I can facilitate. My job is run the team and make sure our guys get there shots and to create for myself. When I’m open chances are I will knock down the shot. I am very confident in my ball handling and change of direction ability that regardless of who defends me, I can get my shot when I need to.”

“This off- season I want to work on getting stronger in my upper body. I know I got about another 2-3 inches to go in height but I want to be a force in the paint as well. For a guard that is a very important part of the game is getting to the basket and finishing through contact.”

Damani should start to receive interest in the next year. He is definitely in my opinion a D2 type of player and if he grows a little more he could move into that low major category.