Prospect Spotlight: C/O 2020 Donovan Yap


Posted On: 12/7/17 10:55 PM

When you think of young players these words don’t come to mind. Poised, patience, and character knowing how to play under control. In the class of 2020 there is a young player out of the Northwest area that is demonstrating all of these traits and he’s only 15.

Donovan Yap of Arbor View high is quietly becoming a name that you will become familiar with not just on a local level, but also on a regional, and National level. This 6’2″ point guard is not done growing. Over the weekend at the Legacy tip-off classic he demonstrated what it takes to will his team to a win. He played every minute in a high school game, and knock down clutch 3-point baskets to secure a victory.

The class of 2020 is one of the more polished classes in Las Vegas. This class has the potential of producing a lot of good players that can have an impact at the next level. Player Development is one of the things that is stress to this young man. He’s constantly in the gym perfecting his craft doing the summer.

I’m not the typical basketball Guru that just follow basketball for the simple fact, I’m looking for players. A lot of these children that I cover I have been knowing for a long time. So to see there development and growth it really pleases my heart. Mr Donavan Yap is a real gym rat that is committed to becoming one of the top players in the class of 2020 in Las Vegas.

High school basketball is in full swing now. Up to this point this young man is averaging 14.5 points per game and 5 assists per game. In only five games he leads his team in both categories.

Unit 1 Hoop Source Photo
“2020 6’2″ PG/SG Donovan Yap”

Over the summer I had an opportunity to catch up with Donovan and ask him, What are some of the things that he needs to improve on ? “My leadership, help motivate my team to having a winning attitude” I’m constantly in the gym working on my jump shot. On Saturday mornings me and my father run the hills to improve my endurance.

During the summer Donovan plays for the Las Vegas prospects AAU program. He has been offered a scholarship by Rider University. Donovan come in as the #5 rated player in Class of 2020 Prep Hoops Nevada.