Prospect Spotlight: Cam LaChance (2018)

High School

Posted On: 12/14/17 4:35 PM

Cam LaChance was surely one of the hardest working players we saw this 17u season and he’s now carrying that work ethic to his senior year at Eagan.

“Things are going very well for our team this season,” LaChance said to NHR. “Our record definitely doesn’t reflect the strides we’ve made as a team. Our team has done an amazing job correcting the mistakes we’ve made in each game and correcting our mistakes.

“Coach Josh Peltier has really given us tons of motivation and drive to be the best we can be, and get the most out of every second we are on the court. We are still developing but we have shown flashes of absolute greatness, we just need to put it together for a whole game, and we know that.”

Coach Peltier is instilling the foundation of the way he wants to play at Eagan right now with disciplined defense and ball movement into high percentage shots. LaChance is the type of guy who can be a great example for how Eagan wants it’s team to compete in the future.

“I personally have done a really good job at giving what the team needs, when we need it,” LaChance said. “I have been really happy with my stat lines other than my scoring, but that also is coming along well.

“I have been getting the rebounds when we need them, dishing to open guys so they can get easy buckets, and I still have my defense first mentality going. Coach Peltier is really stressing the defense and extra passes for great shots, so I’m happy with how I fit into that because it represents how I’ve always played, and it makes me stand out more, and I thank coach very much for that.

“Our team has really picked up the concept with open arms, and it’s amazing to see how we have developed.”

Eagan is 1-3 at the moment but as LaChance has said the culture around the program has improved.

“We have a ton of returning talent and we are expecting a lot from ourselves,” Cam said. “So far we know we have not shown that, and coach Peltier, Wilde, Pauly, and Nelson are giving us everything so we give them the same back, and it’s working.

“Especially now with Jaren (Tschetter) out, we needed to fill a scoring and rebounding void, and everyone has accepted a part in filling that role,” LaChance said.

Cam is not expecting to play college basketball so this will be his final year of organized hoops as a player. With that being the case LaChance has high expectations for the year and he’s going to give it 100 percent at all times.

“Our team goals and my individual goals really go past basketball for the year,” LaChance said. “I have made the decision to attend the University Of Minnesota Duluth next year for accounting and financing since i never received much interest from any schools.

“Because of this, and especially being captain, my individual goals are really to be the workhorse this year for the team, and be the person Coach looks to whenever we need anything.

“Stats have kind of taken a backseat for me because of my college decision, so I really am looking to give whatever the team needs at any point. I will still rebound and defend my hardest as I always have, and my offensive game will be a focus for me too, but no points per game or anything like that in mind.

“If Jaylen (James) or Tyler (Ernst) or Kurt (Ohlhues), or anyone on the team for that fact has a hot hand, I’m going to look to create great shots for them. Overall, my individual goal is the team’s success, as I feel I play a huge role in how our team plays.

“Team goal wise, we really just want to change the culture of Eagan basketball. In the past, we have really been seen as maybe a game for teams to take a break on, because they feel they can beat us already.

“With the offensive firepower we have this year from everyone, we have the ability to hit teams from all angles, and this would be the year to change the notion that Eagan is nothing. As long as we are where we want to be by post-season time, that’s what matters to us because that’s when it all matters.”