Prospect Spotlight: Anthony Holland (2019)

High School
Southern California

Posted On: 12/5/17 12:09 PM

If you didn’t know about the Riverside Notre Dame basketball team already, you will once this season is over.

The Titans have a young, but experienced and talented team that have played together since their days of youth basketball, which makes them one of the favorites to compete for the CIF Southern Section Division 3A championship.

Junior forward Anthony Holland, who is one of Notre Dame’s best players and college prospects, said camaraderie is what will make this year’s Titans team successful.

“We’ve been playing together for a long time and have all the pieces we need,” he told Prep Hoops So-Cal. “We have great chemistry already and if people don’t respect us yet, we’re going to prove we belong.

We just work together and are unselfish,” Holland added. “It’s not one person. We don’t want one person to do well. Notre Dame has to win and that’s all that matters.”

Riverside Notre Dame wing Anthony Holland is an under-the-radar prospect who is poised for a break out season.

The 6-foot-4, 200 pound wing has an intriguing combination of skill, strength and explosiveness to go along with his strong frame.

Holland led Notre Dame in scoring and rebounding last season, putting up 16.4 points and 7.3 rebounds per game as a sophomore, guiding the Titans to a 31-4 overall record.

The class of 2019 prospect believes the best part of his game is his versatility both offensively and defensively.

“I can shoot, but I’m big so I can guard multiple positions,” Holland said. “If a little dude is guarding me, I can post up or drive to the basket. I rebound well, too, so I can do a lot of things on the court.”

Holland is working the most on his ball skills so he can become even more effective on the perimeter.

“I’m tightening up my ball handling,” he said. “If you can handle the ball, you can do anything on the court.”

Holland mentioned he’s heard from a couple of college programs, including BYU and Alabama A&M, but the majority of his recruitment is going through his parents, who don’t reveal each school that reaches out.

“There’s a couple more schools calling me, but my parents haven’t told me yet,” he said. “They’re keeping it on the down low to keep me humble.”

Holland maintained a 3.3 grade point average heading into this school year and is looking for a college program that promotes a team atmosphere.

“I’m looking for a program that works well together,” he said. “I don’t like teams with one star player and it’s all on one person.”