Prospect Spotlight: Addy Phillips (2018)

High School

Posted On: 12/6/17 12:12 AM

Addy Phillips is a 6’5 200 pound post at Lincoln with high IQ and amazing court vision making him a great passer. Phillips stats last season were 8PPG11.5 RPG 4 APG 1 BPG His ability to finish both left and right in the post makes him difficult to defend. Phillips motor and grit causes him to be the relentless rebounder on the team even though he isn’t the most athletic.

Phillips transferred last year, but instantly became loved by the team and quickly became a leader on and off the court. Phillips demonstrated great communication along with great on and off ball defense making him a floor general. His ability to adapt to new places and situations is sensational.

In his highschool career he played AAU basketball for SCORE athletics under coach Sean Brownhill. He’s known to be a post but under this team they extended him out to playing the three position on a team that has a playing style to run the court and play tough man defense.

During offseason Phillips spends time in the weight room lifting this summer. He got a personal trainer Blake Kingsley to help him become a greater threat from outside. “

He heavily increased his shooting ability and ball handling. Expect to see him run point for a few sets this season.

Addy’s always working and never requesting breaks. He works hard for his team because he expects the same from them. He believes his team is the best and will do anything to contribute. Always staying after practice because repetition is the only way to come close to perfecting an art form like basketball

“He always comes in working hard and with a good attitude as well. He makes himself and his team better”

Head coach Pat Aldermen described him as “The glue and heart of the team”

In total, Phillips is a player that’s devoted to his team and making them the best they can be both on and off the court. He has high expectations for this final season wearing a cardinals jersey and plans on meeting them.