Prospect Spotlight: Abdi Dahir (2018)

High School

Posted On: 12/9/17 2:45 PM

Abdi Dahir have lots of strengths when it comes to basketball. He’s a 6’5 Guard that can run the court in many positions, Dahir’s very athletic and can get anywhere on the court with his speed and dribbling abilities.

During this basketball season Dahir will be expected to one of the top leads of his team this year for David Douglas. He will also be expected to do anything necessary to get his team to become conference champs and also take his team to the playoffs. When Dahir joins an AAU team it’s not much different for him than a HS basketball team he will apply the same tactics and goals to become champs anyway possible.

During his off season right after basketball ended last year 2017 Dahir got into the gym ASAP worked on my shooting range, Every single morning at about 6AM Dahir went with his personal trainer and close friend into the gym to shoot 500 3 pointers then went to school, After school he’d go to the gym to get a light workout in, last thing to end the day with would be to shoot another 500 3 pointers. That routine would be repeated every single day except on Saturdays and Sundays those days are the days when he works on his speed, coordination and
dribbling. Dahir did this for 3 months straight until summer league started that’s when he had to put everything he learned on the court through out that whole month Dahir showed nothing but progress. When summer league ended he became apart of a AAU team that traveled he didn’t have the best season with his AAU team but he never put his head down he just went back into his grind and knew it wasn’t over and that there’s always room to get better.

That Summer Dahir worked on his upper body also attended elite college camps to get his game to a higher level above any average high school athlete. Dahir attended WSU, SU and those camps helped him tremendously.

Dahir work ethic is unbelievable he will work until he he reaches his goal even then he’ll continue to reach for something that may look impossible in your eyes but a clear in his, You’ll never see Dahir quit specially not in the sport he loves more than anything. The main thing that separates him from any other player is that he will work hard when others are sleeping he will lose sleep to get better.

Awards that dahirs won aren’t huge or a lot but it’s very meaningful awards. He’s won a few 4-4 tournaments and his local community center, won a MVP in a MET tournament also first place trophy.

Abdi Dahir stats from this year are pretty good he’s had 18p against south salem, 19p with 11reb and 7 assists against century, 18 points against Wilson high school.These stats will continue to increase bases off how he’s playin.

This quote is a self made quote but it always stuck with him “hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard” -KEVIN DURANT