Prospect Spotlight: 2021 Jaren Harris

Southern California

Posted On: 12/19/17 6:25 PM

Prospect Spotlight: 2021 Jaren Harris

It’s early in the process, but Jaren Harris has some physical tools and his approach to the game is refreshing for someone so young. Not too mention he had an older sibling Jalen who was a college prospect in his own right.

Harris is a 6-foot freshman who plays at Windward High School in Los Angeles and there are number of attributes that lead me to believe he’ll be playing on some level of college basketball. He has a good frame with ideal length and his athleticism is on the come. However, the most intriguing part of his game is his mental approach-especially someone who is just beginning their high school career.

Harris plays with great poise and savvy for being so young.

“In these first few weeks of the season, I’m learning the pace of the high school game, learning how to manage an offense in the half court set, and first and foremost getting my teammates involved,” explains Harris.

Harris is quite good in the open court where his head is always up and in the half court set, he changes speeds well and whips the ball around the perimeter with aplomb. He can knock in shots, especially in the mid-range area and he never appears to play out of control. In addition, his handle is tight, but he puts an emphasis on the opposite side of the court.

“I always try to defend. That is a priority for me every time I set foot on the court,” notes Harris.

Despite his evolving strengths, there are areas of the game that are evident to him if he is to take his game to a different level going forward. “I definitely need to improve my stamina. Varsity-level basketball is quite fast and having to make quick decisions with the ball while being fatigued is challenging.”

Windward is in good hands this season with UCLA signee Jules Bernard leading the way. At this stage Harris can lean on Bernard for advice as he matures into the player that he envisions himself. When Bernard graduates, however, this will be Harris’ team and he has the physical and mental aptitude to lead the way.