Prospect Spotlight: 2020 Demetrius Calip II

Southern California

Posted On: 12/19/17 1:31 PM

Prospect Spotlight: 2020 Demetrius Calip II

Demetrius Calip was a member of the 1989 NCAA Champion Michigan Wolverines squad which had the likes of Rumeal Robinson, Sean Higgins, Loy Vaught, Glen Rice, and Terry Mills. He would later lead Michigan in scoring (20 ppg) before playing with the Lakers for a season before heading over seas.

A generation later there is now a Demetrius Calip II—and he appears to be following in his father’s footsteps. The 6-foot-3 sophomore is a slick left-handed shooter who affects the game in multiple ways.

“ I like to play in a run and jump style where I can utilize my versatility. I can shoot it from deep and I essentially feel comfortable playing 1-thru-4 on the court,” explains Calip II.

Calip II is a versatile prospect who can shoot it from deep.

A typical play for Calip II is to snatch a rebound, lead the break, and either hand out the assist or drop in a deep jump shot. He shows good instincts for the game and appears to have some leadership qualities as he always his head up and directing traffic.

Although he is well on his way to being considered a college prospect, there area areas of his game that he feels he needs to improve upon. “My defense for sure in terms of sliding my feet and using my length to disrupt my opponent. But also my confidence. I have a tendency to get down on myself when things don’t go my way, but I’m aware of it,” explains Calip II.

The Taft Toreadors are currently 11-1 and have their goals in place heading into Christmas. “We definitely want to win a LA City Championship this season and we feel we have the pieces to do it,” notes Calip II.

With fellow backcourt mates which include Virginia signee Kihei Clark and talented junior Makani Whiteside, there is no real reason on why the Toreadors can’t make a serious run in the post season.