Posted On: 12/25/17 11:55 AM


As most families sit around and enjoy the holidays. My brain never stop working to help improve the quality of a ball player’s life. 2018 is a unique class in the city of Las Vegas. It is very top-heavy with outstanding athletes that have made a stamp in the recruiting Arena.

Las Vegas is filled with a lot of underrated guards that have the ability to play college basketball at the next level.

2018 5’10” Point Guard Donovan Joyner of Las Vegas high is a unsigned senior. When we talk about under the radar players this young man falls within that category. He’s a physical player that is put together like a linebacker.

Before entering the Tarkanian Classic, Donovan Joyner was averaging 26.5 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 1.8 spg and 2 apg. He’s shooting 50% on 2 pt. FGA and 43% on 3 pt FGA, and 80% from the charity stripe.

Doing the Tarkanian classic he average 22 ppg 3.2 rpg and had a Breakout game against Wood Cross of Utah, where he dropped 41 points too shy of Las Vegas High School all time record.

5 Strength to his game:

  1. Ability to get to the basket
  2. Absorbing contact
  3. Athletic
  4. A very good defensive player
  5. A competitor that plays with intensity

Things to work on:

  1. Mid-range jump shot
  2. Court vision
  3. Three-point shot

Donovan Joyner has the ability to play at the next level. He is a very good Prospect that fits the D2, D3 college level. I expect for the recruiting process to pick up for this young man. He’s a sleeper, and will be a steal for some school when it’s all said and done.