Posted On: 12/21/17 1:40 PM

Class of 2020 6’5 wing Peter Erickson looks to have a break out July.

Grassroots Team: FOH Seattle

Already receiving some interest from schools around the pacific northwest, Peter plans on solidifying himself this summer as a force to be reckon with. Standing at 6’5 and expected to grow even more, he has already developed the reputation as the one of the top “SNIPERS” on this side of the mountain.

Currently Peter projects to be a D1 recruit with tremendous upside. He is very long, smooth and has the ability to get his shot off at will. He works out consistently with the FOH trainers. While Peter has shown the ability to drain perimeter shots, he also stated there are other aspect of his game he is working on. “I am working very hard on my long range shooting on and off the dribble as well as my ball-handling. We go thru an array of drills and I am making very good progress with the coaching staff. We have team workouts which are very intense and we have some excellent players to go against.”

I was very impressed by Peter’s lateral movement and his ability to shift and/or change direction very quickly and in compact motions. Additionally, he plays very hard and with an edge which I like. I can see Peter is taking his game up a notch as his body fills out, he gains strength and continues his hard work. He should be cautious with strength and conditioning in regards to gaining weight. He should look to gain lean muscle mass and not to gain a lot body weight. Peter is in a great position with FOH where he will get great Coaching, competition, skill development, education and guidance. With the July viewing period in full effect, I am looking forward to watching his game grown and watching him take full advantage of the opportunities he will receive. This a great time in a young ball players life and he should definitely take it all in.

If Peter stays on course he has the potential to become an elite college recruit in 2020. I will continue to follow him as July starts to build up and continue to send updates on how his progress is going.

I was able to catch up with the young wing and here is what he had to say about his recruitment, his team and overall play.

“My goal is to play D1 Basketball and would like to have the opportunity to play professional basketball in the USA.  Working harder than others and using my talents God gave me, I know will give me the opportunity to pursue my dream. I am a great shooter and can use my length to contain on defense. I have good size for a guard and often have to cover guys much larger than me. I get along with my teammates very well and am respected by referees, other coaches and players.”

Here is a closer look at who they call the “SNIPER.”