Postgame Interview: Corry Addison & Derrick Arnette

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/27/17 2:08 PM

Another year brings another Robeson County Shootout Championship for Fairmont HS. Although it was a team effort, the Golden Tornadoes duo of Corry Addison & Derrick Arnette were a huge part of why the team enjoyed so much success. We got the chance to talk with the duo after the win, not only about the win , but also the process and the preparation that they each put in on a regular basis.

Q: You guys just took home another Robeson County Shootout Championship, how does it feel and what did you all do in preparation for this matchup?

Corry: It feels good, coach just helped us to remain focused. He told us to stay out of the newspaper because it kept reminding people and giving them fuel. So we just stayed focused and played our best game.

Derrick: We just went out there and played hard-nosed defense, that what we do. Our Coach told us that if we don’t play hard-nosed defense that they would run us out of the gym. So we played full court man to man defense the whole game and didn’t let up, remaining focused through the whole game.

Q: Even though you’re known as a defensive team, you all combined for 44 points, was that something that both of you tried to do intentionally, or was it how the flow of the game was going?

Corry: We had to prove to everybody that we are the best guards in the county, that’s all.

Derrick: He said it for me, that’s how we both felt.

Q: What have you learned from this tournament that you can apply for the rest of the season?

Corry: Just continue to play how we played today, we played good defense throughout the game. We have to get better at boxing out for rebounds though, we are going to play some big teams in the playoffs so we just have to get better at that.

Derrick: Boxing out and executing our offense is the key, when we execute our offense smoothly we can’t be stopped.

Q: Who is a player you watch in college or the NBA that you feel like you play like or that you try and pattern your game after?

Corry: College wise I’m a Trevon Duval fan but I hate Duke, and NBA wise I’m a fan of Kyrie Irving.

Derrick: I really don’t watch college basketball but in the NBA I would have to go with Kevin Durant, he’s my favorite player.

Q: What do you do during pregame to prepare yourself mentally and/or physically?

Corry: I just listen to music and try to stay away from all the negativity that people try to bring around, my favorite music artist to listen to is NBA Youngboy

Derrick: I just listen to music and stay locked in, I don’t get involved or entertain all the other stuff that people may be talking about.