Post Game Interview: Talton Jones & KJ Marshall

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/20/17 1:57 PM

Talton Jones and KJ Marshall are two players on a Trinity Christian squad that features a starting 5 of 5 college prospects. However these two youngsters remain under the radar with a small amount of offers and interest. On Monday night, they stepped up big time for their squad in a close win over Fayetteville Academy and we got the chance to speak with them following their game.

Q: Tough game for you guys today, especially with it coming when you all are on Christmas break, what’s something you all can learn from the game tonight?

KJ: We have to come out with energy, we can come out playing soft. We are on Christmas break so everybody is out of routine but we just had to come out in the 2nd half and redeem ourselves.

Talton: Well they came out more aggressive than we did, our coach had to get on us and we were able to bring our intensity up and that’s what we did tonight.

Q: You guys brought kind’ve different roles , are those attributes something you focus on consciously or does it coming from reading off of how the game is going?

KJ: It’s what we do consciously, coach wants us to play different Point Guard roles at the same time, Talton is more or a slasher and facilitator and I’m more of a PG that shoots the outside shot.

Talton: Coach wants me to guard the big guards so I handle them, and KJ is like a spot up shooter and I’m more of a penetrator that can dish it to everybody when they are open.

Q: You guys move on to High School OT next which will feature some more big time matchups, you guys have played a heavy schedule so far, do you feel like that’s going to help you all later this season?

KJ: Yes, these game are going to benefit us when the state tournament comes, last year we were unexperienced but now we are getting that experience in these big time tournaments so when times get rough in February we will be good.

Talton: We are just getting ready, staying ready in practice and keeping our focus mentally. Just getting ready for the high school OT.

Q: Both of you all are sleeper prospects right now, does that motivate you in any way?

KJ: its motivation, we come out here and try to prove a point every time we step on the court. We talk about it all the time, wishing we had more than what we have but we just continue to work every day,

Talton: You just have to do what you do on offense and defense, on both ends of the floor. You have to come out with a passion and play for something.

Both of you were part of the team last year, got to the state championship and came up short. How does that motivate you guys?

KJ: It’s part of my alarm clock, 67-53. I see it every morning, coming back with a vengeance, I know I was a sophomore and young but I will remember that forever and I don’t want to feel that pain anymore.

Talton: We are coming back, and this year hopefully we can come out with the win.