Post Game Interview: Myron Williams, Kevin McLaughlin & Shaq Angel

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/9/17 6:38 PM

Q: You guys got a good win against a team you all had previously beaten, was there anything that you guys did differently going into this matchup?

Kevin: We have been watching film every day, going hard in practice, we had been on a losing streak so we wanted to change that to a winning streak and keep the pace up.

Shaq: We watched a lot of film just like Kevin said, and we really just played a lot better as a team overall.

Myron: We were just ready to get over the slump like they said, start a new winning streak and keep it going.

Q: You guys have a new coach, new system and culture at Cape Fear. How has that process been for you all adjusting to things?

Kevin: It’s a big adjustment, getting use to his play calling and a new coach/system. We just have to gel together to keep coming together as a team to keep the season rolling.

Shaq: We started off slowly but you can see us becoming a great team with our new coach and system and it’s a lot better than the previous years for us.

Myron: It’s a huge difference than the last coach we had, Coach Kee is coming from college so he expects more out of us.

Q: What has your recruitment been like?

Kevin: I haven’t really heard from anybody but hopefully I can keep playing well and start getting more interest.

Shaq:  Same here, I’ve heard from Sandhills Community College, that’s about it.

Myron: I have been hearing from Chowan, UNCP and Sandhills Community College.

Q: Goals For the season?

Kevin: Pick up some more wins and try to finish first in conference, also try to win the holiday classic that’s coming up and hopefully making a run in the state playoffs.

Shaq: Basically to be the #1 team in the conference and to win the state championship.

Myron: Our main goal is just to win, do whatever it takes to win and get better as players.

Q: What do you feel you bring to your team?

Kevin: As a Point Guard I feel like I bring activity, talking on defense and getting my teammates involved.

Shaq: I feel like I bring energy on offense and defense, diving for loose balls and anything we need to help our team win.

Myron: I feel like I have to be a leader, I’ve been a 3 year starter just help Kev lead the team.

Q: If there was a player in college or the NBA that you would compare your game to. Or a player that you watch and take things from their game to add to yours, who would it be?

Kevin: Joel Berry, the way he runs a team, he gets his team involved and he’s a good scoring Point Guard. I like to watch the pace he plays with in the UNC offense so I try to style my game after his.

Shaq: Colin Sexton, he brings the energy and defense and he shows he can play both ends of the court.

Myron: I would say Kennedy Meeks, because I can be a double/double machine and can shoot the midrange shot as well as posting up.