Post Game Interview: Dakari Johnson & Jaleel Ray

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/12/17 3:11 PM

Q: You guys got a good win against a good team 71st Team, what are some things you can take away from this game?

Dakari: With the high intensity games, it’s good to be poised and calm. Talk to your team and make sure guys are settled down when things get shaky.

Jaleel: You have to depend on everybody on the team, like in tonight’s game Silas Love was in foul trouble. So everybody had to pick it up, the refs aren’t  going to give you anything in big games so you have to play smart and play hard.

Q: I know Dakari played in private school with an atmosphere that’s different but how was it here tonight for you guys?

Dakari: It feels good, going from public school to private there are some differences. The school is bigger, there are more people, and it feels like a college atmosphere.

Jaleel: I have been here all four years so I’m use to it by now, I like the high intensity games, that’s what I live for.

Q: What do you feel you bring to your team now and possibly a team on the college level?

Dakari: Knowledge, trying to help my players and knowing how to run a team.

Jaleel: Outside shooting, intensity on defense, making smart plays and I have ‘‘that dog’’ in me.

Q: Goals For the season?

Dakari: We are just taking it step by step for right now, we are getting to know each other better. In practice we are working hard and talking outside of practice which is helping our team chemistry.

Jaleel: We want everything that we can get, right now we are shooting for the conference championship. For Christmas we want that tournament championship, then we want to get the regional championship and after that we are shooting for the state.

Q: What has your recruitment been like?

Dakari: I’ve heard from a couple D1’s recently, I got a call from Lafayette and had talks with Campbell and Garner Webb. I want to go somewhere that I can play and get a good amount of minutes and learning experience.

Jaleel: A couple D2 schools, a lot of JUCO programs, I’m just looking for the school that gives me a good financial aid reward package.

Q: If there was a player in college or the NBA that you would compare your game to. Or a player that you watch and take things from their game to add to yours, who would it be?

Dakari:  Damian Lillard, He has that dog in him. He has a nice step back move, his demeanor on the court, I just try to copy him.

Jaleel: I like Russel Westbrook, he doesn’t care who he has in front of him he knows that he is the best player whenever he step on the floor.