Player Spotlight: Isaiah Todd

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/4/17 10:03 PM

Isaiah Todd is a name that you already know: He’s on the top players in the country for the Class of 2020, a member of the 16U USA Basketball squad, and many other prestigious accomplishments. He holds offers from schools such as: Kansas, Miami, Maryland, NC State and long list of other schools and is only just starting his sophomore season of high school. Personally this was my first time getting a chance to see him play live and I left the gym very impressed. It wasn’t that he scored 60 Points or did a ton of things that you would see on a highlight tape but you can clearly see the talent and potential that he has to be a very special player. He had a somewhat quiet first quarter but really got it going in the 2nd quarter and 2nd half scoring from all over the floor and making smart plays.

Q: You guys got a good win in what is your first game of the season, what’s something that you all can learn from this game?

Isaiah: We learned that teams can’t really stay with us when we play the game at a faster pace and we have to stick our foot on team’s necks when we have them down instead of us slowing down.

Q: Being in a different state, different venue and all those things, do you feel like that helps you all as a team to bond and learn more about each other on and off the court?

Isaiah: Of course, we do a lot of bonding but this right here, it doesn’t get any better.

Q: You come in with a lot of notoriety to your name, does it feel like pressure? Or is that something that motivates you to prove yourself every time you step on the floor?

Isaiah: Yes, it drives me to play harder, that’s one of the things that pushes me, I love it, and I love being on top.