Pinecrest Holiday Tournament Standouts: Part 1

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/30/17 2:35 PM

Holly Springs Senior Guard Erik Alvey: It doesn’t take much time to see some things that you will like about him, he has a solid frame and decent height for a college level wing. He’s productive with and without the ball, scoring off the catch or when he’s attacking in isolation situations. One of his top plays was a powerful dunk in transition that ignited a run for his team in the 2nd half.

Pinecrest HS Senior Wing Jaaman Bailey: Without a question he is one of the top shooters in the area, once he catches the ball and is squared up its pretty much a bucket already. He’s 6’5 so shooting over defenders isn’t too much of a problem at all, D2 and D3 programs should be tracking him.

New Life Christian Sophomore Guard Reggie Walton: This wasn’t the best games that we saw him play but he did show some flashes of himself at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. He knocked down a midrange shot and finishes an acrobatic layup with his off hand on back to back plays.

Holly Springs Junior Guard Garret Phillips: Garret has a nice game and put together a solid overall performance. He is automatic from three point land but doesn’t settle for the deep ball, he gets into the paint well and made some good passes after the defense collapsed.

Trinity of Durham Sophomore Guard Jayden Smith: Jayden has a game that is more mature than his age, he handles defensive pressure well and knocks down outside shots at a nice rate. One of his strongest attributes is his court awareness, he know where all his teammates are or where they are supposed to be at all times.

Richmond County Sophomore Forward Jarvis Tillman: The upside of this young man is very high, he is still raw without a doubt and doesn’t have much weight on his frame but at 6’7 with nice agility he’s one to keep an eye on.

Trinity of Durham Junior Forward Brandon Arnold: He’s 6’7 with a solid IQ for the game and nice upside, throughout the day he rebounded the ball pretty well and played some good defense. If he continues to work and add to his game offensively, he can be a really good prospect before it’s all said and done.