Paul Arrowood Picks


Posted On: 12/13/17 8:12 PM

Paul Arrowood selected Milligan College (NAIA) mid-November. "The location is perfect for us because it is about 20 minutes from our house," said Paul Arrowood.  "It came down to whether we thought it was worth it to pay that little bit and get the opportunity to continue my career." Milligan College agreed to offer "a partial athletic scholarship and then the rest is for academic scholarship and a out-of-pocket." The senior center competes with David Crockett High School. He has not formally signed. "I believe I can sign," said Paul Arrowood.  "When I committed, the coach asked when I would like to do it.  I decided to put it off until after my senior year." There is no chance, in Arrowood's mind, of switching to another school.  He selected Milligan College over a couple other strong options.  Several colleges reached out to Paul Arrowood and he returned the appreciation by visiting.  You may remember @PrepHoopsTN discussed his multiple recruitments in early November.

Bryan College

Paul Arrowood did take a visit to Bryan College this fall. "I really liked the area, but it was pretty remote," said Paul Arrowood.  "It just came down to it was pretty comparable to Milligan except for comparing the fact that Milligan is 20 minutes away and Bryan was three hours (away).  The type of school is pretty similar." Arrowood also took a visit to Maryville (DIII).

Maryville (TN)

Maryville College is located in the Knoxville area. How deep into the recruiting process did the Maryville staff and Paul get? "Pretty deep (into process)," said Paul Arrowood.  "Maybe two weeks.  I enjoyed it there too.  They were all about paying.  It came down to distance.  Maryville is a great basketball program." In the end, Milligan College and Paul Arrowood were too closely both figuratively and literally. "I have gone pretty deep with the staff there and the players even," said Paul Arrowood.  "Over the past year-and-a-half I have scrimmaged and gone to the open gym there.  It was something they probably expected and I probably expected.  I just wanted to keep my options open." Milligan College is close, but Paul will not be commuting.  He intends to live in Elizabtethton. "My dad (Tim Arrowood) is my biggest supporter and my papa (Flen Arrowood)," said Paul Arrowood.  "I don't know if they are crazy about me staying on campus, but they are excited for me.  With my visits it is something they got to experience it together."