Palmetto State : 2018 Post – Blue Collar Team

South Carolina

Posted On: 12/8/17 8:51 AM

A college basketball program can never not get enough toughness on there roster. Prep Hoops SC takes a look at some kids from the 2018 class that do just that and bring a blue collared attitude to the floor.

Yohannes Utsey

Yohannes Utsey – Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS 

Utsey 6’6 plays in the paint and just throws his body around and plays extremely hard. Utsey at times almost gets down on him himself with him trying to please everyone. Utsey averaged 16 ppg as a junior for the Bruins. Utsey will have to entertain junior college options for next season according to the coaching staff.

Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS hosts the Sweet 16 Tourney December 26-29.

Ervin Stone

Ervin Stone – Keenan HS

Stone constantly brings effort and pain to the floor everytime he plays. Stone 6’4 is a great mismatch guy that plays strictly inside the paint. Stone plays for a tough nosed coach in Zach Norris.

Trent Bryant

Trent Bryant – Fort Dorchester HS

Bryant has impressed us here at Prep Hoops the few times we have seen him in the last year. Bryant is effective in the paint and isn’t flashy at all but just effective. Bryant 6’4 can step out to the 8-10 foot mark for a shot.

Bryant will have his Patriots squad at the Sweet 16 Tourney in Orangeburg over the Christmas Holiday.

Kerry Eaddy – Dutch Fork HS (pictured on the front)

Eaddy looks like a football player and just backs you down in the paint. Eaddy plays at a football powerhouse but, doesnt play the game. Eaddy a left-handed undersized thick kid finishes around the cup and thrives on the contact game. Eaddy has a nice touch on the foul line.

Samuel Stroman

Samuel Stroman – Westwood HS

Stroman is finally getting back in the groove after not playing last season. Stroman shows glimpses a times when he finishes around the cup and just works down low in the paint. Stroman and Eaddy will play one another in the Savannah River Tourney in North Augusta in the next few weeks,

Winston Hill

Winston Hill – Irmo HS

Hill is finally back healthy after missing some AAU action this summer. Hill rebounds the ball well on both sides of the floor for the Yellow Jackets. Hill is not afraid to mix it up in the paint. Hill 6’7 plays for legendary Head Coach Tim Whipple.

Mike Marsh

Mike Marsh – Gray Collegiate

Marsh was a AAU teammate of Hill with the Karolina Khaos. Marsh has really gotten into better shape over the past year and has a soft touch around the cup. Marsh 6’9 isn’t the main guy on this very talented War Eagles squad.

Ahkeem Lawson

Ahkeem Lawson – Lakewood HS

Lawson has really improved his game in the past season under Head Coach Bryan Brown. Lawson 6’6 left-handed has great hands and can extend the defense with that little 10-12 footer on the baseline. Lawson finishes over both shoulders and works inside to post up.