North Orange County Championships: Breakthrough Performances

Southern California

Posted On: 12/18/17 8:07 PM

North Orange County Championships

LA HABRA, CA— Just when you think you have Southern California wired in terms of knowing all the prospects, there is always a player or two that pop up on the radar—and that is the case with burly 4-man Tim Adetukasi. The 6-foot-6 junior was one of many breakthrough performers at the North Orange County Championships.

Francisco’s Finest: Breakthrough performers

Tim Adetukasi (Saddleback Valley Christian)

2019, PF, 6-foot-6, 215 pounds

Joel’s Take: My distinguished colleague called me one night and said, “I just saw a high school version of Ben Wallace (former Detroit Piston).” This chiseled 4-man is a beast at both ends of the floor. He’s a tenacious rebounder in and out of his area. He has good hands, long arms, and he has a relentless motor. He can step out and hit the 3-point shot and his elbow touch is solid as well. However, his footwork (pivot moves) and fundamentals (playing on balance) need attention.

Cabs showed signs of taking his production to a new level at this tournament.

Dylan Cabs (Mayfair)

2019, WF, 6-foot-5, 180 pounds

Joel’s Take: After struggling at the Pacific Shores tourney a few weeks back, Cabs showed his all-around skill set at this event. He nailed a couple of deep 3s, handed out some solid assists, and rebounded well. The skill set is evident, it’s time for Cabs to start believing his evolving talent. Attacking off the dribble with purpose in mind and playing through contact are areas that need attention.



Lucas Holden (Anaheim Canyon)

2018, WF/PF, 6-foot-7, 190 pounds

Joel’s Take: Love watching a Nate Harrison’s teams play. His kids buy into the team concept, are fundamentally sound in their execution, and they play with moxie. Holden is one of those examples of a prospect that may not have much recruiting attention, but he can play somewhere at the college level. The slender left-hander has ball skills, can knock in open shots, and he attacks the rim in transition. He needs to get stronger and improve his mid-range scoring skills, but he is intriguing.

Abdul Ahmad (Torrance)

2019, PF, 6-foot-7, 200 pounds

Joel’s Take: The first thing I noticed when I walked into the gym at Sonora High School was this gangly kid from Torrance. I have never heard of this junior, but he has some tools to garner some college interest. Extreme length and quick feet are traits that come immediately to mind. He plays with a high motor, especially in the areas of rebounding and contesting shots. He needs to get much stronger and improve his hands. The quickness and assertiveness are there, he needs experience and a go-to move to take his game to another level.

Brennan Hellmers (Foothill)

2018, 6-foot-6, 180 pounds

Joel’s Take: Hellmers is a blue collar inside-out 4/3. He can knock down the 3-point shot and he’s always on balance. He moves well without the ball, knows how to read screens and cut off of them, and he plays with purpose in mind. If the scoring opportunity is not there he sets up teammates with well-timed passes.

Nick Colosi (La Mirada)

2018, SG/WF, 6-foot-2, 185 pounds

Joel’s Take: Colosi is a physically mature prospect who grinds his opponents exhibiting toughness and athleticism. He excels in transition attacking the rim and he score in a variety of ways utilizing excellent body control. He can knock in the 3-point shot and he gets nice lift on it.