New Years Resolution: 8 Must See Post Players


Posted On: 12/30/17 8:53 AM

It’s that time of year again:  New Years Resolutions.  These are the things that we tell ourselves we will change or must do in the next calendar year.  If you like watching talented post players, make it your New Years Resolution to watch these players.

Josh Perkins (6-7, C, Ypsilanti, 2018)

Perkins is big and strong.  He likes to play with his back to the basket and is very good at establishing position on the block.  Perkins is dangerous on the offensive glass and frequently gets points off put backs.

Carter Nyp (6-8, PF, Wayland, 2018)

Nyp is off to a great start to the season and moving up recruiting boards statewide.  He is a stretch 4 who is great off the pick Abdul pop.  Nyp is quickly becoming one of the top scoring power forwards in the state.

Tariq Woody (6-9, C, Novi, 2018)

Woody has an array of skills.  While he can set up shop in the paint, his true value lies in his versatility.  He can score at all three levels and even bring the ball up the court if need be.  Woody is a matchup nightmare for opponents.

Gunnar Gustafson (6-7, PF, Milford, 2019)

Gustafson is tough in the paint excellent on the glass.  He uses his body well and is a double-double threat every night.  Gustafson is underrated as an athlete and has a rapidly improving perimeter game.

Luke Maranka (6-9, PF, Hoop Heaven, 2019)

Maranka is an athlete.  He plays above the rim and moves incredibly well for his size.  He is one of the top dunkers in Michigan.  Maranka is fundamentally sound and doesn’t make mental mistakes on the floor.

DeSean Munson (6-6, F, Skyline, 2019)

Munson is very active on the glass, especially on the offensive end.  He’s made an art of scoring via second chance baskets.  Munson is an athletic leaper who can run the floor and dunk with authority.

Maliq Carr (6-6, F, Oak Park, 2020)

Carr can play both forward spots, but his pure strength led me to put him here with the post players.  He plays facing the basket, and if he gets the ball from the free throw line extended with a 1-on-1 matchup…..Good luck.  He can overpower almost any opponent in the paint and come down with a rebound.

Ryan Corner (6-9, C, Allendale, 2020)

Corner is an intriguing prospect with a high ceiling.  He’s very good at establishing position in the post and using his height to create looks at the basket.  He’s become solid on the glass and a good defender in the post.