MICDS Tournament: Low Post Standouts

High School

Posted On: 12/27/17 9:06 AM

Prep Hoops Missouri was on hand for the second full day of the MICDS Holiday Tournament on Tuesday. In a game where the 3-point shot has become king, it was good to see some honest to goodness low post playing going on at a high level. Here are some of those low-post standouts who were getting it done on Tuesday.

Braden Wiggs 6’6″ St. Charles: The burly 2019 post player did a nice job with 17 points in the Pirates’ loss to Parkway Central in the quarterfinals. He has really improved over the course of the year as he has taken a bigger share of the offensive load. He catches the ball well and he uses his strength to maneuver defenders into the low blocks. He also has a nice touch around the basket.

Ryan Kalkbrenner 6’10” Trinity: The improving 2020 post had 17 points and numerous blocks and altered shots in the victory over Francis Howell in the quarterfinals. He is very sound offensively as he keeps the ball up and finishes off the backboard. He is a big obstacle on the defensive end with his size and length to block shots. With his athletic teammates causing havoc with defensive pressure, he is a good rim protector at the back end.

Matt Schark 6’3″ Francis Howell: An undersized but tough customer in the low post, the 2020 forward scored 19 points in the loss to Trinity. He is really good around that basket with his physical strength and variety of post moves. He can spin, drop step and knock down short turnaround jumpers off the glass. As a freshman last season, he was primarily a Stretch 4 who could knock down 3-pointers, but he is getting most of his work done inside this season.

Luke Loewenstein 6’5″ Duchesne: An old-school post player who had 10 points in the Pioneers’ victory over Ladue in the quarterfinals. The 2018 wide-body is fantastic at sealing his man and giving the passer an excellent target, plus he finishes well around the basket. Facing a Ladue zone on Tuesday, Lowenstein was able to showcase his passing ability from the high post and he did a nice job of keeping the ball moving.

Moses Okpala 6’7″ Ladue: The 2019 forward scored nine points and did a nice job in the Rams’ loss to Duchesne in the quarterfinals. At 250-pounds, Moses brings size and physical strength on the back line of Ladue’s defense. He knocked down three jumpers from the high post and he had one beautiful turn-and-face baseline move for a bucket. A project at the beginning of his career, he continues to improve with more experience.

Sam Thompson 6’8″ Francis Howell: The 2021 forward scored nine points in Howell’s quarterfinals loss to Trinity. He has been impressive during the tournament with his offensive play in the post. He has a good feel for the game and has some excellent footwork around that basket. His spin moves are nice and his shooting touch is excellent.

Evan Schneider 6’5″ Ladue: A solid, young 2020 post player who likes to play the physical game and he is good at it. He loves to battle for position inside, whether it is for a low post touch or for a rebound. He plays with good activity and he displayed the ability to finish around the basket through contact.