Meet The Player: Yates Johnson

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/17/17 3:01 PM

Q: You guys got a good win against a team that has been undefeated to this point, what are some things that you guys did well and that you can take from this game?

Yates: We just outplayed them for 32 minutes, we outrebounded them and out toughed them, that’s the key to winning the game.

Q: What’s something that you all can learn from today for the rest of the season?

Yates: We need to handle pressure better, and once it gets down to the end of games to keep our cool and composure.

Q: Prior to the season you guys lost a big time player in Malik Johnson, how have you guys adjusted to not having him on the floor?

Yates: Not having our best player out there is difficult but people have found their roles, and other players have stepped up to take his spot.

Q: What do you feel your role is on this team?

Yates: I feel like my role is to be a floor general and keep everyone under control. Getting points when my team needs it and playing good defense.

Q: Team Goals for the season?

Yates: We want to win the Conference Championship and our main goal is not to lose any home games as well as making a deep playoff run.

Q: You pretty much have stepped into a leadership role at a young age, do you feel like that will help prepare you for the upcoming years?

Yates: Yes, I feel like stepping up now is going to help me in the future.

Q: What’s something you do pregame that people don’t really know?

Yates: I just go in the lockeroom and keep to myself, just get my mind on the game.

Q: Terry Sanford has a very rich basketball tradition, is that extra pressure for you guys to keep it going?

Yates: Teams are coming at us every game , because we are the best team out and I think it’s just motivation for us to keep playing as hard as we can and to keep the legacy going.

Q: Have you heard from any schools recruitment wise yet?

Yates:  So far I’ve picked interest from Coastal Carolina, ECU and High Point

Q: If there was one player that you would compare their style of play to, or a player that you watch a lot and try to take things from their game and add them to yours, who would it be?

Yates: I don’t feel like I resemble anyone’s game yet but I love taking things from players like Larry Bird, and Dirk Nowitzki, those are two of the main ones I watch.