Meet The Player: Antwan Epps Jr.

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/8/17 2:42 PM

Q: You guys got a good win against a good Northwood Temple squad that has several D1 prospects, what can you all take as a lesson from this game?

Antwan: We just have to keep our composure, first half we played pretty well then in the 2nd half we started to let them come back. Coach told us to just keep our foot on the gas and keep making shots and free throws down the stretch while taking care of the ball.

Q: It seems like you have a game that keeps defenses off balance, how would you describe your game and what you bring to a team?

Antwan: I’m a quick guard, I knock down shots as well as being able to get guards off their feet as well as getting everybody involved.

Q: How have things been going for you recruitment wise, and who are some of the schools that have been on you?

Antwan: I have 3 offers: Georgia Southwestern State, Hampton University, and Southern University. I have a ton of interest from schools such as: UNCG, Norfolk State, Old Dominion, Virginia Tech and some more schools that are coming.

Q: What is something that you feel will impact your decision for your college selection?

Antwan: Just a school that I know I can fit well at, a team that plays an up-tempo style and gets the ball up the floor fast.  Also a school that really takes prides in defending, just a school that really needs a good Point Guard.

Q: What do you do prior to games to prepare yourself to play?

Antwan: I just stay away from a lot of people, I clear my mind. Before games I don’t listen to music, I cut my phone off and I just pray to God that I play well.

Q: What’s an NBA player or college player that you watch and try to mimic their game or a player that you feel like your game is similar to?

Antwan: I look at Isaiah Thomas a lot, he’s a calm and quiet guard, I’m a quiet guard and I need to become more vocal. He can get his team involved but can score at will and just can get the win for his team any day.

Q: Goals for this season?

Antwan: I’m a team player. I want to make it to the state championship. At the end of the day I want to do things that haven’t been done before in Bishop Sullivan history