Jewell Classic: Cardinal Division Round 1 Standouts


Posted On: 12/29/17 10:13 AM

Round 1 in the Jewell Classic finished up on Thursday night as the 3rd bracket finished up. The Cardinal Division has quite a bit of talent and probably a top 3 team in the state of Missouri. Lee’s Summit West is the clear favorite, but their are others who think they have a chance of knocking off the Titans before the New Year. Lee’s Summit West finished off Summit Christian Academy 60-44, Raytown beat Staley in a dog fight 44-40, Liberty blew out Lincoln Prep 77-47, and Blue Springs South held off Kearney 53-42. Mentioned below are some of the standouts from Thursday night. The Lee’s Summit West Titans and Summit Christian players won’t be mentioned since they are mentioned in their own article. You can read that here:

Nick Rumbo – Staley

Rumbo is what makes Staley go and the offense definitely runs through him. He had a tough time creating his own shot and scoring dealing with the tough Raytown defense. He does have great elevation and is able to create good space on his shot. He finished with a team high points.

Byron Alexander – Staley

Alexander has the potential to be one of the better players around the area and he’s only a sophomore. He didn’t do a ton of scoring on Thursday night, but that is because he is too patient at times. He isn’t quite the vocal leader yet, but he is well on his way. He is a hard worker and big time garbage man. He finished with 10 boards and 7 points.

Robert Proctor – Raytown

Proctor is one of the leaders on this Raytown team and controls the offense as the point guard on the team. He might not be the best shooter out there, but he works hard and gets a lot of rebounds for a guard. He has a good looking mid range jumper and it helped him get to 11 points. He also finished with 7 rebounds.

Desmond Hutson – Raytown

Hutson has a solid basketball body. Standing at around 6’5″ and quick, he is a tough player to handle. He gets good look by raising above the defenders on his shot. He missed a little time because of foul trouble, but still finished with 11 points and 5 rebounds.

Quinan Rieves – Lincoln Prep

Rieves stands at a solid 6’4″, and he has the ability to play in the post or pop it outside. He stood out for Lincoln Prep and looked pretty good out there. He has a good looking shot, and works hard for rebounds. He also runs the floor very well. He finished with a game high 24 points and also brought in 11 rebounds.

AJ Weston Jr. – Lincoln Prep

Weston Jr has proved to be one of the better smaller guards around the area. He looked to be trying a little too much on Thursday night, but still showed he is a tough player to keep off the scoreboard. He is very quick and scores well off the bounce. He finished with 10 points and 3 swipes as well.

Tavis Turner – Liberty

Turner was a best on Thursday night and really shined early in the game imposing his size on the smaller Lincoln Prep team. He has great size and is pretty quick for a post player. Would like to see him use and finish with his right hand a little more, but he didn’t need it Thursday. He shot 8-10 from the field and finished with a team high 18 points while grabbing 12 rebounds.

Jalen Lewis – Liberty

If you don’t know Jalen Lewis by now, you’ve been hiding under a rock. Lewis knocked down two quick 3’s on Thursday and both of them hit nothing but net. He is a dynamic scorer, but because of the blowout, he didn’t shoot a ton or play much of the game. He still scored 13 points and dished out 6 assist.

Logan Steenstra – Liberty

Steenstra could be huge for this Liberty team down the stretch. He is a tall athletic kid who has a great looking shot. He eleveated above the defense and hit two early 3’s. He has a great jump shot and with his size, will be able to bang with the big guys down in the paint. Steenstra finished with 10 points.

Brock Matson – Liberty

Matson has been one of Liberty’s better shooters for a couple years now and he shows no slowing down. He does have a bit of an awkward set shot, but if left open, you can be assured, he’s going to knock it down. Matson also has great size and because the opponents know he’s a shooter, they collapse on him and he’s able to find open teammates easily. He finished with 11 points and added on 7 assists.

Gavin Frizzel – Kearney

Frizzel is a small guard for Kearney, but plays with a lot of intensity and is very quick. He is a great shooter and has a quick trigger. He showed that he enjoys shooting the 3 ball and can knock it down when needed. He shot 2-5 from deep and finished with a team high 15 points.

Jake Hoffman – Kearney

Hoffman is key for Kearney if they want to do well this season. He stands at 6’5″ and if very efficient on the offensive end. He works hard on both sides of the ball and finished in double figures with 12 points. He also added 5 boards and 2 blocks.

Ethan Swanegan – Blue Springs South

Swanegan has been on of the better players for this solid Blue Springs South squad for a few years now. He is a big man who has very quick feet. He can score by taking it outside and knocking down a 3 or putting it on the floor and getting to the bucket. He proved to be a tough guy to handle scoring 15 points and grabbing 9 boards.

Jaylon McDaniel – Blue Springs South

McDaniel is one of those Super Freshman that is making his name known around the area. He stands at 6’6″ and has a good looking shot on him. He can finish strong at the rim by throwing it down, plus he has great footwork. He was able to finish with 10 points and 5 rebounds.

Jared Ravencamp – Blue Springs South

Ravencamp runs this offense and is one of the leaders on the floor for the Jaguars. He has the ball in his hands most of the game and has earned the trust from all of his teammates to take care of the ball. He is smooth and can get to the basket when needed, but he also has a pretty good pull-up game. He plays pretty big for his size and showed that by finished with 10 points and 6 boards.