Jewell Classic: Patterson Division Round 1 Standouts


Posted On: 12/28/17 3:20 PM

Day 1 in the Jewell Classic was full of great basketball. The Patterson Division consists of some of the better teams around the area. It also led to some blowouts while throwing in one good game. The first game was the best game where Lee’s Summit game back from a 10 point half time deficit to beat Park Hill South 61-57. The other 3 weren’t as close. Oak Park beat up on Saint Joseph Central 47-16, Liberty North defeated Ray Pec 49-33, and Grandview smacked Smithville 73-28. Below were some standouts from the first round.

Lee’s Summit Starting 5

The tigers are really coming into their own and it is still very early in the season. They don’t have a ton outside of their starting five, but that five works together better than almost any other starting five around the area. On Wednesday night, they had to battle back from a double digit deficit and picked up a hard fought win. Sophomore Jaden Moore led the team with 18 points. Will Eames who we have seen become one of the better shooting big men around the area finished with 12 points and 12 boards. The quick little point guard Nate Jones finished with 10 points. Deron McDaniel who is one of the better shooters on the team also finished with 10 points. Seth Romi hit 3-4 from deep and was the only starter not to finish in double digits. He finished with 9 points.

Lamel Robinson – Park Hill South

Lamel continues to show why he is one of the better guards around the area. I’m not sure if anyone can really stop this guy from scoring. His jump shot is looking better, but is silky smooth and gets to the bucket with ease. He finished with a game high 23 points.

Saadique Perkins – Park Hill South

Perkins is a big asset for the Panthers and is able to use his size on both ends of the ball. He gets great elevation on his jump shot which allows him to get good looks. He finished with 12 points and 5 boards.

C.J. Lee – Park Hill South

C.J. Lee is one of the most overlooked big men in the area. He’s very quick for his size and continues to dominate in the post. He is able to use his strength and takes advantage of when the guards drive to the bucket by diving to the bucket and either cleaning up their misses or being their for the easy drop off. He finished with 14 points and 11 rebounds.

Ochai Agbaji – Oak Park

Ochai is up for the player of the year around the area and it’s easy to see why. He has great size, a good shot, and is very athletic. Oak Park runs the offense through Ocahi and for good reason. If there isn’t a hand in Ocahi’s face, he has the ability to knock down the shot. He finished with a solid 20 points and 11 rebounds.

Ahmad Louis – Oak Park

Louis is a pretty good little guard for Oak Park, but sometimes gets looked over because of Agbaji. He is quick and gets quite a few deflections and steals by jumping passes. Louis finished with 13 points and 3 steals.

Kian Scroggins – Ray Pec

Scroggins will be a big part of Ray Pec’s success in the present and in the future being one of the Super Sophomores around the Kansas City area. He is a big man who east on the glass, but also has great footwork in the post. He has the ability to step his game out a bit and knock down 17 foot shots, but would rather stay down low. He finished with 12 points and 8 boards.

Robbie Hanson & Maceleb Hughes – Liberty North

Hanson and Hughes were the only two to finish in double figures for the Eagles on Wednesday night. Hanson had 12 points, but didn’t even leave the court. He is highly relied on and looked at as one of the leaders. Hughes finished with 11 points and didn’t even miss a shot. He shot 5-5 from the field.

Mason Taylor – Grandview

Taylor is another player of the year candidate. He has really grown into a great basketball player over the past few years. He has always been a great shooter, but he has now added a solid pull up game and gets to the bucket with little to no effort. He is all over the floor and hasn’t really been stopped yet this season. He finished with a game high 26 points while adding 7 boards.

Reggie Morris Jr. – Grandview

Reggie Morris Jr. is another name that a lot haven’t heard of because he is only a sophomore. He is a solid guy coming off the bench for the Bulldogs and can score in a hurry. He has a great outside shot and left open watch out. He finished with 11 points and added 3 steals.