Holiday Classic Standouts Final Recap

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 12/27/17 2:13 PM

71st HS Junior Forward Brion McLaurin: Although he is still raw in some areas of the game and is still feeling his way out, you have to love the skillset and potential that he brings to the court. He’s 6’6 with three point range but he doesn’t just settle for outside shots all the time, he bangs inside to score and rebound at a nice rate. His level of play is still to be determined but he is a D1/D2 scholarship guy, if he continues to work and play hard, his stock will only continue to rise.

Westover HS Senior Forward Kenny Scott: He’s not a fully developed player yet but I like his potential quite a bit. In their semi-final game with 71st he rebounded the ball well, scored inside, and showed some toughness. He has nice height at 6’8 with a frame that looks like it can add some muscle, smaller colleges and JC programs should take a look at him.

Pine Forest HS Junior Guard Jordan Gladney: Jordan is an up-tempo style of guard, he flourishes when the game is quick and he can get his team into transition. He makes good reads/passes while bringing maximum effort on both ends of the court at all times.

Cape Fear HS Senior Forward Myron Williams: He rebounds, blocks shots, and scores the ball at a solid rate overall. With a team that is fairly young, he’s looked upon to lead the way vocally and through his play. He can shoot the ball from the short corner and mid-range areas all while being able to play the game comfortably with his back to the basket.

Pine Forest HS Senior Forward Kennan O’Garra: At 6’2, you would think that he would need to play the guard spot to be fully effective. Well after watching him over the summer and during this tournament, we can honestly tell you that regardless of his height he makes an impact in the paint. He boxes out well and uses his IQ for the game along with a high motor to outwork opponents for rebounds even though he might be smaller.

Terry Sanford HS Senior Forward Holt Walker: Holt didn’t have his best shooting nights during the event but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a knock down shooter with nice athletic ability. Schools at the high D3 or low D2 level that need a wing should be recruiting him right now.

Jack Britt HS Junior Forward Calvin Washington: Calvin has enjoyed a successful season so far and at times you can see why the coaching staff at Mount Olive is so excited to have him committed. He is very athletic, with nice ability to score the ball at various places on the floor which led him to be named to the All-Tournament Team.