Posted On: 12/12/17 6:17 PM

Over the past week, Prep Hoops Oklahoma has found some great glue guys as we have been out scouting. Glue guys are players that do the dirty work for their team. They get the job done and keep the team working towards victories. This list comes from the teams we got to see in the last week. The Prep Hoops Oklahoma team watched 31 games last week. Here are the guys that impressed us!

Tyus Jeffries 2018 Edmond Santa Fe Wing 

Jeffries had himself quite the weekend from the Wing. He is a jack of all trades that can do just about anything Edmond Santa Fe needs him to do. The stats don’t always pop off the page for Jeffries. What does pop off the court is the hustle, grit, and energy Jeffries brings each night. He is the type of player that pushes teams over the top for victories. Jeffries does not shoot the ball consistently well. But Jeffries also does not force bad shots, which allows him to play to his strengths on offense attacking the basket. He is an above average rebounder from the Wing. Jeffries is a guy small colleges should go watch and see if he can fit their programs needs. The school that lands him is going to get a player that gives everything he has each night.

Kori Guest 2018 Tulsa Memorial Wing 

Guest is off to a terrific start to the 2017-2018 season for the Tulsa Memorial Chargers. He is giving them great minutes on the Wing as a player that can provide great defense and scoring. Guest is a long, lanky Wing at 6’5 that can shoot the cover off the ball from three-point range. What makes Guest a glue guy is how bought into winning he is at Tulsa Memorial. You won’t see Guest complain about his role if he does not get the ball on offense during a game, he plays his role. But when Tulsa Memorial does need him on offense or defense Guest steps up and thrives in his role. The scoring ability mixed in with his length and defensive presence has Guest as one of the top projected JUCO Wings in the 2018 Oklahoma Class.

Kevin Farmer 2019 Lawton Ike Forward

Farmer was huge for Lawton Ike throughout the weekend at the Edmond Open. He gave his team a boost knocking down shots in key moments. In the Post Farmer is a 6’4 four man that can strech the floor with his stellar jumper. He was great at finding ways to impact the game without the basketball. The primary reason Farmer continued to get open shots was his ability to move without the basketball. Small Colleges keep track of Farmer as he could turn into a huge addition playing his role at the next level.

Mo Garcia 2018 Union Wing 

Garcia is a coaches son that provides one of the highest basketball IQ’s from the Wing in Oklahoma. He makes the right plays and sets himself and his teammates up for success. Garcia shoots the ball well from the perimeter. What makes him a glue guy is his impact in so many ways on a team. The wisdom of Garcia on the court instantly makes his team better. Add in his leadership as well and Garcia provides a ton beyond his talents on the court. That is not to dismiss his talents on the floor because he can certainly play at a high level. He gives great effort and toughness on defense. An area that has grown in his game is his ability to put the ball on the floor, make a move and score. Garcia projects to the NCAA Division II level.

Kinyon Parker 2018 Lawton Ike Wing 

Parker found his rhythm early at the Edmond Open. He was one of the best in the tournament at spot-up shooting from behind the arc. Parker is a player small colleges should keep an eye on. He will find a fit and be a good glue guy for a program. He was very vocal on the court as he is the leader of Lawton Ike. What Parker provides on the floor is scoring with a good jumper. The scoring ability mixed with his leadership make him a guy to know. Parker projects to the small college level.

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