Basketball Bullet Points: East Ridge over Mpls Southwest

High School

Posted On: 12/7/17 4:17 PM

The Raptors defeated Minneapolis Southwest 86-41 and Courtney Brown Jr opened a lot of eyes in scoring his 27 points in an assortment of ways. My Notes on what I saw from the game feed.

  • Kendall Brown attack, dribble pitch to brother Courtney for a good looking feet set 17 footer.  Good release from Courtney and a smooth attack from brother Kendall.  Minnesota, Kendall has a chance to be very, very good.  Know the name of that freshmen.
  • Its only three possessions but I’ve loved the defensive work from Joey Arndt of East Ridge so far.  Good help, working on ball, really active hands and feet.
  • Excellent cut from Treavon Nystrom, who had a team high ten, sprinting off the screen leaving Courtney Brown no room to battle through meaning a Nystrom lay-up.  Good hard cut.
  • The comfort at which Kendall handles the ball with a veteran quick ball pressure defender on him is quite amazing considering his size and age
  • The one dribble face-up attack of Ben Carlson is something that sets him apart at a young age.
  • Can we let Arndt teach others how to show on screen and help defend?  Wow.  Defender of the early season so far.
  • I think I’ve seen four of the five East Ridge starters push the ball up the floor so far and it’s still early.  Carlson has pushed three times.
  • The ease at which Kendall Brown is making these soft touching shots on the move is in a category all to itself.
  • The handles of Ben Carlson are impressive for a young big and I love his footwork with the basketball around the basket.
  • East Ridge guard Zach Zebrowski has hit two clean looking open jumpers so far and I would imagine he will have space for those often with the weapons this team has.
  • East Ridge defense looks outstanding so far.  Southwest looks almost scared to even pass the ball.
  • Up fake into a one dribble baseline pull-up from Courtney.  His touch in this game looks confident and soft.  This type of comfortable mid-range shooting consistently will take Courtney into a whole next tax bracket.
  • Joey Arndt with the perfect box-out on the three point shooter followed by the d-board collection and an outlet for Courtney foul shots.  Joey Arndt is the perfect compliment to the other four.
  • Courtney Brown runs the floor, catches and reads the defense at the same time, so he steps through to the left and finishes an And1 on the left.  Beautiful play of body control and finishing on the opposite side.
  • Ben Carlson has ran the floor so well as have the Browns of course.  Ben with an open floor dunk then he trails the play for a tip-in.  Ben runs even better than I remember.
  • This game is a blowout so it’s time to move on and see these teams in the future.  Good look though at the East Ridge talent.